Springwell water filters are made in the Florida, United States of America. For over 20 years, Springwell’s whole house water filtration systems have been designed, built, and packaged in their central Florida facility. Springwell set out to make the best possible water systems, and its core focus is excellent quality control.

What Makes Springwell a Top Brand for House Water Filter System?

Firstly, Springwell water filters were made to fulfill the needs of the house water filter system industry. Using innovations, they have been able to harness the power of state-of-the-art technologies to produce the highest quality water filtration system.

Secondly, the Springwell water filtration systems consist of a 4 stage design that allows for sufficient contact between the filter and the water. By sufficient contact, we mean the house filter has a longer period of contact with the water than other brands. Each of the four stages of the filter media removes a certain level of contamination from the water.

The stage 1 filter of this house water filter system forces water via a KDF (kinetic degradation Fluxion) media which eliminates chemical contaminants such as chlorine from the water. This type of contaminant is that you can find in city water.

The stage 2 filter is a coconut shell carbon that eliminates organic compounds (herbicides, pesticides, chloramine, etc.) contaminating the water.

The stage 3 filter media eliminates channeling, which gives the filter a longer contact time with the water.

Finally, the stage 4 filter is the sediment filter. It filters out physical contaminants such as silt, sand, and other kinds of particles through the system’s 5-micron filter.

The result of all four stages is water with very high water quality. This means the water from this filter will result in better tasting food when used for cooking, better drinking water, and healthy skin, and hair when used for bathing. It’s excellent for laundry and the dishes as well.

Customer Service

For general inquiries and technical assistance, you can contact SpringWell customer service via 800-589-5592.


Even more incredible, Springwell offers a 6-month money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on the bypass valves, filter housings, fittings, and tanks that make up their filter systems. Warranty does not apply to impairment caused by any of the following:

  1. Inadequate handling, misuse, and negligence
  2. Naturally occurring accidents, freezing, or fire outbreak.
  3. Lack of adherence to the manufacturer’s manual or instruction that pertains to usage, installation, and transportation.

Shipping and Return of Water Filtration System

Springwell ships orders within one day of placement, but the shipment will experience delays spanning up to four days because of the pandemic. Every order at the price of or above $29 is eligible for free shipping. Springwell doesn’t operate on some weekends, so they normally ship the orders on business days. For every order shipment, Springwell sends you a tracking ID via your mail.

Springwell gives a full refund (without the cost of shipping) for failed delivery that may be due to a wrong address. The company doesn’t ship such orders again. They label them “undeliverables.”

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