The Springwell whole house water filter systems currently start at a discounted price of $809.79 (including a six-month money-back guarantee period) and filter water for a house with three bathrooms. It’s a house water filtration system with a capacity of up to 1 million gallons of water which can serve a small family for as long as ten years.

In this article, you will discuss the cost of the Springwell water filtration cost, their installation, upgrades, pros, and cons.

Retail Price of This Whole House Filter System

The current factory price for the whole house water filtration (CF1) is $809.79 (for a house with a maximum of 3 bathrooms), a 51% discount off the expected retail price of $1643. The current pricing is also a significant discount from the original factory price of $920.22.

For a house with a maximum of 6 bathrooms, this whole house water filter (CF4) is $1020.26.

Lastly, for a house with more than seven bathrooms, the price of this filtration system (CF+) is $1567.93.

System Pricing With Upgrades

The price of the available upgrade that comes with these Springwell water filters is $978.57.

For a house with three bathrooms, the system and the upgrade sum up to a total amount of $1788.36.

For a house with a maximum of 6 bathrooms, that’s a total amount of $1998.83.

Finally, for a house with seven bathrooms or more, the total amount of these whole house water filters is $2546.50.

System Pricing With Installation Kit

The price of the installation kit for this system is $157.49.

For a house with three bathrooms, the system with the installation kit sums up to a total cost of $967.28.

A house with a maximum of 6 bathrooms would have a total cost of $1177.75.

For a house with a minimum of 7 bathrooms, that’s a total cost of $1725.42.

Pros and Cons of Springwell Water Filter Systems

  • The pricing is budget-friendly.
  • This system gets rid of a lot of contaminants in your drinking water, including organic contaminants (up to 99.6%).
  • One can use it to filter various kinds of water: city water, underground water, etc.
  • It enhances the water quality by filtering out contaminants and giving it a much better taste and smell.
  • It doesn’t lower water pressure in your pipes.
  • The system just requires low maintenance (replacement of the sediment filters after at least six months).
  • The warranty for the tanks and valves is for a lifetime.
  • It has two sediment filters.
  • It’s very durable.
  • This system can be installed anywhere as long as it’s not exposed to sub-zero temperatures.
  • The system has a high filtration grade.
  • It comes with its installation kit.

Cons of this Whole House Water Filter System

  • It’s not so easy to install.
  • It may not be affordable for certain people.

Bottom Line

Compared to other house water filters, the cost for a Springwell water filtration is considerably affordable, and in the long run, absolutely worth it.

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