With a massive filtration capacity of 1 million gallons of water, the Springwell water system can last for a minimum of 6 years, and even ten years with proper usage and maintenance.

Maintaining the Springwell Whole House Filter System

Cleaning your filter and replacing your filters are the two ways to treat your Springwell water filtration system to make it last longer.

The Springwell whole house water filter system treats city water or other water sources supplying your household, but failure to clean or replace the filter cartridges beyond their due date may cause the house water filter to stop functioning correctly. The longer it takes you to clean or replace your house water filters, the worse your water quality.  Harmful contaminants will eventually accumulate and clog your filter.

This can also lead to a reduction in water pressure in your pipes. However, replacing it is more effective because cleaning it won’t remove all the trapped contaminants in the filter. Even if you regularly clean your filter, you will still need to replace them at some point.

Cleaning Your Whole House Water Filter System

Firstly, the time interval for cleaning your water filter and the process of cleaning it depends on the make and model of the house filtration system. When it comes to pre-filters, the pre-filter that’s made with synthetic fiber is more suitable for this method of treating your filter system. It will ensure that the initial efficiency and speed of the system are restored.

You can use bleach and vinegar to cleanse your filter monthly, but this may not stop contaminants such as mold and mildew from growing in your filter. If you intend to drink your tap water, replacing your filter will be a far better option.

Replacing Your House Water Filtration System

The pre-filter or sediment filter will require a replacement every 6 or 9 months, depending on usage. It’s more convenient and effective than cleaning your old filter. Even if you clean an old filter regularly, it will still decline efficiency at some point. Replacing your old filter with a brand new filter will ensure proper filtration of the water supplied to your home.

You will require a new filter cartridge, new gasket or o-ring, silicone lube, and spanner wrench. Also, note that before you change your filter, you need to know the model of the filter you’re replacing and where to get the new cartridge. Finally, you need to know when to replace it. (every six months for large households with high demand and usage of water and nine months for small households). Another thing to note is to shut off the bypass valve on your main water line before replacing your filter.

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