As a homeowner, you can see the purchase of a whole house water filter as an investment. A good quality water filtration system may cost you a chunk of money on the initial purchase. However, it also adds value to your home and impresses potential buyers.

A home water system that supplies the entire house with clean water is an attractive selling point for potential buyers. Meaning this will surely increase the selling potential of your property.

So what benefits does a whole house water filter offer that boosts the value of your home?

Clean Drinking Water

Water has already undergone treatment at the city water treatment plant. However, unwanted contaminants such as bacteria, heavy metals, and certain chemicals re-enter the water supply through the city pipes to your home. This isn’t good news for those who consume tap water because the water flowing through your tap isn’t as clean as it looks.

Also, the chlorine added to the treatment plant will alter the taste and can severely affect those with allergies to it. While consuming bottled water may be a viable alternative, it won’t help your skin. Because the water isn’t only for drinking, the dissolved solids and chemical contaminants in your water can leave your skin dry after showering.

This is one of the reasons it’s ideal to have a whole house system such as the reverse osmosis system or water softener, not just a tap filter.

More people are getting to know this, and having a serious game-changer like the house filter system is becoming more appealing to homeowners.


If you want contamination-free water, you’ll have to purchase bottled water or install a home filter system. Before you decide on purchasing bottles of water on a weekly basis, consider the cost in the long run and the plastic waste you’re contributing to the environment.

Plastic bottles of water are just packaged filtered tap water, which is no different from getting filtered water directly from your tap after installing water softeners, activated carbon filtration, or a reverse osmosis filtration system.

On the plus side, a filter system is more environment-friendly. However, the enhanced environmental awareness of the potential buyer may hinder the sale of your home if buying water bottles is your method of getting clean drinking water.

On the other hand, installing a filter system such as a water softener on your property will boost its selling potential.

A filter system is one feature that some homeowners may not think of before considering a purchase of the property. However, once they know, it’s something they can’t resist.

No Issue of Water Hardness

For some buyers, it’s a must to have a water softener. Especially after an unpleasant encounter with hard water in their previous homes. A water softener will rid your home of soap scum on your bathroom fixtures, stains on your new fixtures and kitchenware, clogged pipes caused by scale buildup, discolored clothes, and unpleasant dryness after having your bath.

A water softener will get rid of the mineral deposits in the water to produce soft water, which is good news for your water-using appliances such as the water heater and other home appliances.

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