Springwell Futuresoft and Pelican Natursoft water conditioners are both top-quality salt-free water softeners, also known as water conditioners. Both water conditioners are durable and arguably equal in every department. We will highlight and discuss the areas of comparison in Springwell vs Pelican water conditioners so that you can make your choice from there.

Salt-Free Water Softener Specifications

Springwell Futuresoft

  • System capacity: 1 million gallons of water

  • The life cycle of the sediment filter: every 6 or 9 months

  • The temperature at which the salt-free softener operates: 2-49 degrees Celsius

  • Warranty: Lifetime

Pelican NaturSoft

  • System capacity: 1 million gallons of water

  • The life cycle of the sediment filter: every 6 or 9 months

  • The temperature at which the salt-free softener operates: 2-49 degrees Celsius

  • Warranty: Lifetime

Although these two systems work very similarly in producing quality water, there are some very important differences in the features.

Springwell vs Pelican Conditioning Media

They’re not traditional salt-based water softening systems which are also whole house water filters. In essence, they’re not water filters since they don’t carry out any kind of water filtration.

Traditional water softeners are made up of a pre-filter, tanks, and the media bed that softens water by removing hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium and releasing sodium in their place.


The brand’s conditioner or salt-free water softener is called FutureSoft. The process adopts to condition water varies from that of the salt-based softeners. FutureSoft is made up of numerous miniature beads that change the physical composition of hard water minerals (calcium and magnesium) and convert them into crystals.


Pelican’s Salt-Free softener is called NaturSoft. Although the Pelican water conditioning media is not outrightly specified, one can assume that it’s very similar to what Springwell adopts. It also tackles water hardness by crystallizing hard minerals, which stops the occurrence of hard water issues such as scales.

How Do These Water Systems Work?

Both brands adopt the same process to condition hard water. Unlike water filters such as the salt-based water softening systems, Springwell and Pelican’s whole house water conditioning systems do not get rid of hard water minerals.

They adopt a process referred to as Template Assisted Crystallization which converts the minerals to a harmless form where they can’t buildup scales and cause other hard water issues.

The media contained in both systems has a template responsible for converting calcium and magnesium in hard water into crystals so that they can’t stick to surfaces and in pipes.

This process makes hard water safe for use in the home but still retains these minerals in the water. In turn, issues such as reduction in water flow rate and water pressure, scales, and soap scum happen. The water won’t be soft, but it will be similar to softened water, which is the end product of salt-based water systems.

The Template Assisted Crystallization process saves time and money since it doesn’t require electricity to work compared to water softeners. It’s an excellent alternative water treatment option for people who want to reduce their daily intake of sodium. Besides, these minerals in your drinking water are good for the body.

Their Performance

Springwell (FutureSoft)

Springwell’s FutureSoft is one of the top conditioners in the market because of its high level of performance quality. The system was manufactured using verified components to ensure a high-performance level and a very long life cycle. In addition, FutureSoft adopts TAC, a novel conditioning technique that’s meant to be much more potent than other forms of water conditioning.

A known conditioner is electronic magnets which are adopted by some water conditioning systems. However, it has shown a limit to its potency during a laboratory test. Chemical-based conditioners are not potent in hot water.

However, Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) is far more potent than the systems mentioned above because it uses a media bed with millions of tiny beads that causes the water hardness minerals to form small crystals when they initiate contact with them.

The system’s performance is also energy-efficient since it can work without electricity, saving the owner a significant increase in the electricity bill. However, it doesn’t work like a water filter that puts the water through a pre-filter and an auxiliary filter to reduce the water flow rate.

The usage of the system in a small household won’t affect the water pressure of the home’s water supply. The system has a scale removal efficiency as high as 99.6%. When it comes to the installation process, it can be installed as the last phase of water treatment if you want to install the company’s whole house water filter. The combination of these systems will give you an even higher water quality in your home.

Pelican (NaturSoft)

NaturSoft comprises a tank, media bed, and a sediment filter. The system, just like FutureSoft, is also energy-efficient since it also functions without electricity, saving the household money and energy. Also, similarly to FutureSoft, the system just requires almost no maintenance at all. In addition, NaturSoft has NSF 42 and 61 certifications.

The system doesn’t disturb the flow rate of your water, and also, like FutureSoft, it has a scale removal efficiency as high as 99.6%. In addition, NaturSoft can be installed with the Pelican water filtration system to enhance your water quality and potency.

Life Cycle and Replacement of Their Filters

Saltless systems have more durability than water softeners and even other filter systems. In addition, they also require less maintenance.


FutureSoft has a capacity of 1 million gallons of water- which can be translated into lifelong usage. In addition, the system has a lifetime warranty which is a huge plus. This means that if you need a replacement of a part that’s covered by the system’s warranty, you can get it replaced free of charge.


NaturSoft is also cost-efficient, just as FutureSoft. It has an identical capacity which also means it can last as long as you’re alive. A lifetime warranty also covers it. In addition, the TAC media doesn’t require replacement, so the cost of replacement won’t even be a matter for consideration.

In this regard, NaturSoft is a far better alternative to Pelican’s salt-based water softener, which only has a lifespan of at most 15 years before requiring a new softener to replace it.

Springwell vs Pelican Reviews from Customers


This brand got generally good reviews from customers, with a vast majority of them doling out 4/5 star ratings. Also, customers who have purchased and used the system testified that FutureSoft stopped hard water issues such as spotted dishes and the water has a slimy texture.

The customers opined that Springwell should provide an alternative adaptor kit to make the system’s installation easier. In addition, some of the customers said that they had to seek the services of an expert to handle their installation.


A good majority of customers were satisfied with NaturSoft. They praised the system’s ability to mitigate the issues stemming from the use of hard water in the home. In addition, NaturSoft has an overall rating of 4.7, which is incredibly high.

Many of them commented that their skin’s itchiness has reduced since they started usage, and the process of installing the system is very simple as they were able to do it themselves.

However, they said the system requires enough space to be installed properly to avoid problems. Some customers talked about spots on their drinking glasses and shower glasses, despite using NaturSoft.

The highlight of the customer reviews is that it has greatly enhanced the quality of the water being supplied to their home.

Pros and Cons of Springwell (FutureSoft)

  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • The Springwell Futuresoft water softener is slightly less expensive than NaturSoft.
  • It doesn’t get rid of calcium and magnesium. So, in essence, you’re still drinking water containing essential minerals for the body.
  • Because it still keeps these minerals in the water, it doesn’t solve the issue of water hardness. It just mitigates it.

Pros and Cons of Pelican (NaturSoft)

  • Simpler to install than FutureSoft
  • It is energy-efficient, just like FutureSoft.
  • Suitable for people desiring to reduce their daily intake of sodium.
  • More expensive than FutureSoft.
  • It doesn’t solve the issue of water hardness.

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