The Springwell Futuresoft Salt-Free Water Softener is revered for its durability and relatively low price. But beyond those qualities, it also offers low maintenance, high water-softening efficiency, and a top-notch warranty & guarantee period.


The Springwell Futuresoft is a salt-free water softener system that does not need a cleaning cycle. Unlike typical water softeners, this applies because it does not remove hard water minerals via a water filtration system or ion exchange process. Instead, it converts ions that cause water hardness to crystals that do not stick. Of course, since the ions do not stick, there would be no need to clean out the water filter.

Since the Springwell Futuresoft Softener requires no cleaning cycle, the salt-free conditioning process is low maintenance. But beyond being virtually maintenance-free, it is environmentally friendly, easy to install, and there is pretty much no limit on its capacity.

How SpringWell FutureSoft Works

Before we begin with our Springwell Futuresoft review, we must understand how this salt-free softener works. Typically, a salt-based water softener will remove hardness-causing minerals from water through a process called ion exchange. Ion exchange is a hardness removing mechanism that involves replacing hardness minerals (most commonly calcium and magnesium) with non-hardness minerals like sodium. Since the water softening media of these types of water softeners accumulate calcium and magnesium ions, scales form over time. Thus, they must be cleaned cyclically.

Our Take


One of the top qualities of salt-free water softeners is durability. Since salt-free systems use template-assisted crystallization, they do not accumulate hardness ions. Therefore, the salt-free media tank does not wear out readily, and they remain in top form for a very long time.

Scale Correction

That aside, SpringWell Futuresoft does more than just neutralize hardness ions in the water flowing through the pipes. It also reverses the adverse effects of the scales that may have already formed in the pipes.

In other words, its effects go beyond scale prevention as it also includes scale correction. So, even if you already had scales in your plumbing system, you just might be able to get them out.


Furthermore, as the name says, the SpringWell Futuresoft Water Softener is salt-free. Its mechanism of action does not involve ion exchange, so it does not need water softener salt or any other harsh chemical. This makes it eco-friendly since it will not waste water or release brine into the environment.


Typically, the sizes of salt-based water softeners are determined by the grain. Grain is a measure of how much calcium and magnesium the softening media remove before the salt must be regenerated.

Unlike salt-based water softeners, the sizing is based on the number of bathrooms. So, anyone can pretty much determine the size of the water softener they need for the whole house.

Warranty and Guarantee

The water softener comes with a lifetime warranty, which is pretty much unbeatable. However, you should note that the warranty does not cover damages in certain conditions, including accidents by acts of nature, improper handling, and non-adherence to instructions.

Besides the lifetime warranty, it comes with a 6-month moneyback guarantee. This is one of the highest moneyback guarantees amongst the best salt-free water conditioners. But like the warranty period, the moneyback guarantee period does not apply in certain conditions.


Since you do not need to connect the water softener to electricity or a drain, installation is pretty easy. Besides, the manufacturer puts various measures in place to help with DIY installation.

For one, the instruction manual provides a step-by-step installation guide with pictures. Then again, the product comes with an online video that can guide you through the process of setting the water softener up.

Besides the above, you can contact Springwell customer care if you encounter any issues during the installation process or if you do not understand the installation guide. They are pretty responsive, and you can reach them through the phone or live chat on their website.

Springwell also offers a quick installation kit that makes everything even easier. Of course, you have to buy the said kit.

If you are unsure of the installation process or your plumbing system is not the usual, get a plumber instead of going DIY.


As already emphasized, the SpringWell Futuresoft Softener typically needs no maintenance. Its softening media does not accumulate ions or any other debris. Therefore, it does not get worn out readily.

The salt-free water softener uses surface-resin beads to create hardness crystals. And as the crystals form on the bead, they break off. So, you do not have to clean the water conditioner media cyclically. However, you may have to change the sediment filter routinely.


One drawback is that it is mainly city water. However, if you decide to use it on private well water, ensure you pre-filter and treat the water. This means that you will have to install a water filtration system with your water conditioner.

Substances and minerals like copper, iron, and hydrogen sulfide can damage the salt-free conditioner if present in well water.

Flow Rate

The SpringWell Water Softener offers a flow rate of around 12 to 20 gallons per minute. This is about 2 to 3 times the average flow rate of regular water softening ss.

With the high flow rate, you are unlikely to experience a drop in water pressure when using various water inlets simultaneously.


Due to their softening mechanism, there is a limit to the volume of hard water regular softeners can treat before you have to replace the softening media.

With the SpringWell Water Softener, you never have to replace the media. However, you should change the sediment pre-filter every year.

Pros and Cons

  • Since it does not remove minerals from hard water, you never have to worry about losing certain minerals essential to your health.
  • It is less expensive to run since it does not need salt or any other chemical for its functions.
  • Then again, since it does not waste water or use salt, it is not harsh on the environment.
  • Unlike ion exchange softeners that infuse sodium into the water, it is perfect for people on low-sodium diets.
  • The installation process is generally easy. Plus, the manufacturer offers various resources to guide you through the process.
  • With the intense water pressure of this softener, you can use various water inlets in your home simultaneously without worrying about water pressure drops.
  • Overall, this product requires little maintenance.
  • The sediment filter has no change indicator. So, you never really know it is getting to the end of its lifespan.
  • It does not produce soft water since the hard minerals are not removed. So, if you want actual softened water, you will not get it from this softener.

Salt-based vs Salt-free Softener

Unlike a salt-based water softener, salt-free softeners like the SpringWell Futuresoft Salt-Free System neutralize hardness using template-assisted crystallization (TAC). Neutralizing is the most appropriate term here because instead of removing the hard water minerals, it converts them into non-sticky crystals. Because of its mode of action, it is best described as a water softener.

The crystallization of hard minerals is facilitated by surface-based resin beads. These beads contain catalytic nucleation sites that serve as the template, which triggers the conversion of hard water ions to non-sticky crystals.

Of course, if the hardness crystals do not stick, there will be no scale formation. If there is no scale formation, there would be no pipe blockage or narrowing, and you will not have to raise the water pressure to make up for the drop in flow rate.

Final Thoughts

The SpringWell Futuresoft was created to suit the various requirements homeowners look out for in water softeners.

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It is durable, fairly priced, almost maintenance-free, easy to use, and easy to install. But most importantly, when it comes to hard water treatment, its performance is undeniable.

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