Sure, when looking to buy a UV water purifier, you would pay attention to features like flow rate, power consumption, capacity, and pressure range. But the ultimate distinction between UV water purifiers lies in how much UV light they deliver per dose.

Best UV Water Purifier Systems at a Glance

  1. Overall Best UV Water PurifierUS Water Systems Pulsar Ultraviolet Disinfection System
  2. Second-Best UV Water PurifierViqua UV Light for Water Disinfection
  3. Best for Large HouseholdsSpringwell UV Water Purification System
  4. Low-Wattage Whole House Filtration SystemPentair Standard UV Disinfection System
  5. UV Water Filter With Extra SafetyBluonics UltraViolet Light Water Sterilizer
  6. Budget UV Water Treatment SystemHQUA Ultraviolet Water Purifier
  7. Best Portable UV Purification SystemAcuva Arrow 5 UV-LED Water Purifier

The flow rate of UV water purifiers indicates how much water flows through the system at any point. The higher the flow rate, the faster the UV system pushes water into your indoor water supply. While a high rate is desirable, it may also mean that the purification process would not be not thorough. If water is only exposed to UV rays for a short period, some harmful bacteria may survive the UV treatment. So, balance is vital.

A typical UV lamp consumes as much power as traditional incandescent bulbs. But even that can be consequential to your energy bills. So, for efficient energy consumption, low-wattage UV systems are optimal.

The capacity of UV water filters is telling of how much water they can purify before they need to be replaced. Generally, UV purifiers with higher capacities have longer lifespans.

The pressure range of an ultra violet UV disinfection system denotes how much water it can handle. With a high-pressure range, a UV filter can handle faster water flow without leaks or damages.

The lamp life of the UV lamp in an ultra violet UV disinfection system is vital to the performance and running costs of UV water purifiers. The UV lamp of the best UV water purifiers are primed to exceed the lifespan of the average UV filter.

While all the above are vital, the UV dose delivery or effectiveness of whole house UV water filters is crucial. If the UV dosage of a UV system falls below the minimum threshold for purification, then most harmful microorganisms will survive the UV water purification process.

Our Best UV Water Purifier Review

1. US Water Systems Pulsar Ultraviolet Disinfection System

The US Water Systems Pulsar Ultraviolet Disinfection System takes the top spot in our review, thanks to its high UV dose delivery. But beyond having a high UV dosage delivery, we ranked this product very high because it has relatively low wattage and a product range that satisfies various needs.

Effectiveness/UV Dose Delivery and Flow Rate

Boasting a UV dosage delivery of 30 mJ/cm², the effectiveness of this product in eliminating harmful bacteria is on par with the best in the market. The minimum threshold of UV intensity for killing harmful microorganisms and cysts during water purification is 16 mJ/cm². But this product doubles it, so you can expect that the purification system will show no mercy to microbial contaminants.

With a UV dosage of 30 mJ/cm² coupled with a 95% UV transmittance, chlorine-resistant microbes, E. coli, Giardia, spores, cysts, and many other nasty microorganisms stand no chance. In fact, this UV purifier might offer some activity against viruses.

Beyond those we mentioned above, the activity of this product extends to many other waterborne pathogens. So, if you get this, you should be more confident in your drinking water quality.

Earlier, we mentioned that we loved this brand because of its product range. Well, you can get the US Water Systems Pulsar Ultraviolet Disinfection System in one of three flow rates: 10, 15, and 20 GPM. Thankfully, any of these flow rates combines well with the UV dosage delivery and transmittance to ensure you get top water quality.

Whether you get the 15 GPM or 20 GPM model, you’d be getting a product with a higher flow rate than most of the other products in the review. Of course, with the high rates, you are assured of sustained and continuous pressure from the UV purification system.

Now, if you are wondering which of the models would be perfect for you, we have a simple answer. If you intend to use the UV purifier for 1-3 bathrooms, the 10 GPM option would suffice. But if you have 4-6 bathrooms, the 15 GPM option is better, and if you have 7 or more bathrooms, go for the 20 GPM variety.

Besides the option for different flow rates, you can also choose to add or exclude a filter when buying this brand.

Warranty, Pressure Range, Lamp Life, and Power Consumption

With this product, you get a lifetime warranty on the UV chamber and a 3-year warranty on the electrical components. While you might get better warranty packages in the market, this offering is fair overall.

Besides having one of the highest flow rates and UV dosage delivery, this product has the highest pressure range of any product in our review. With a maximum pressure range of around 150 PSI, this UV filter can handle high-pressure inflow without leaks and damages.

Beyond being indicative of its performance, the high-pressure range denotes high durability. And when you think about its durable stainless steel chamber build, the high-pressure range becomes expected.

This product has a wattage of around 49 W. Basically, it is neither too high nor too low compared to its competitors. But you can get something lower if you prefer.

The UV lamp of this brand is expected to last around 9000 hours. This is pretty much the average for many UV water purification system. So, it is good enough.

Pros and Cons

  • High UV dosage delivery and transmittance for effective water purification.
  • Multiple flow rates to choose from.
  • High-pressure range and durable UV chamber.
  • Decent UV lamp life.
  • Moderate power consumption.
  • Option for filter inclusion.
  • While lamp lifespan is decent, you will have to replace the lamps almost every year.

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2. Viqua UV Light for Water Disinfection

The specifications of the Viqua UV Light for Water Disinfection are pretty superb. It offers high UV dosage delivery, a high flow rate, and much more. So, no surprise it comes in close second.

Effectiveness/UV Dose Delivery and Flow Rate

With a UV dosage delivery of around 30mJ/cm², you can already guess the effectiveness of this UV unit at neutralizing harmful bacteria. Be it coliforms, Giardia, or Cryptosporidium, this product would work its magic on them.

The company claims this UV unit kills about 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, and protozoa it finds in your drinking water. Of course, businesses are more likely to say the best things about their products. But when you consider the UV dosage delivery of this brand, the company’s claims seem valid.

The flow rate of this UV disinfection system is very impressive. With the Viqua UV Light for Water Disinfection, expect a rate of 18 GPM – only our overall best pick boasts a higher rate.

With the flow rate of this UV purification system, it can perfectly serve large houses – with more than 7 bathrooms. It could also fit in for light commercial applications without showing any significant interrupting water flow.

Warranty, Pressure Range, Lamp Life, and Power Consumption

When you buy this UV purifier, you get 10-year limited warranty coverage on the UV chamber. However, for the electrical and hardware components, you only get a 3-year warranty. The UV lamp, sensor, and sleeve, which are consumable parts, only get 1-year warranty coverage.

Overall, the warranty coverage is pretty great. You might see better from some other companies. But with the quality of this brand, you may not even make use of the warranty coverage.

The maker of this UV filter did not specify the maximum operating pressure of this unit. But we believe that since they suggest it would work for light commercial purposes, its maximum operating pressure must be over 125 PSI.

An operating pressure that high is great. It means you get to enjoy your UV filter with almost no worries about leaks and damages.

The Viqua UV Light for Water Disinfection has a power rating of 60 W. The joint-highest rating of any UV water filter on our list. If you are big on low energy, you may consider other options on the list.

The UV lamp of this product has an estimated lifespan of 9000 hours – pretty much what many other brands offer. So, if you opt for this, you should prepare to replace the lamp after a year. Thankfully, it has a system that makes maintenance easy. The system features an alarm that goes off when the lamp fails. It also has an audible reminder and a countdown timer, which ensure you are aware when getting the replacement lamps is due.

Pros and Cons

  • High UV dosage delivery.
  • Impressive flow rate.
  • Timely maintenance system.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel chamber.
  • Relatively high power consumption.

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3. Springwell UV Water Purification System

The Springwell UV Water Purification System offers high UV dose delivery, a high flow rate, and a high-pressure range. So, unsurprisingly, it comes in very high on our list of best UV water purifiers review.

Best for: anyone who is looking for a UV purification system that offers protection against harmful bacteria.

Effectiveness/UV Dose Delivery and Flow Rate

If you are getting this brand, expect a UV dose delivery of 30 mJ/cm² – on par with the best the market offers. With a UV dosage almost twice the minimum expected for water disinfection, the question should not be about if it will work; it should be about how well it will work. Fortunately, this brand poses great answers to questions about how well it works.

Beyond dealing with regular harmful bacteria and viruses (like E.coli), it destroys the tougher microorganisms too. So, if you have had issues with getting rid of Giardia or Cryptosporidium, those issues should become inexistent with this UV purifier. In other words, you will be getting drinking water of top quality.

Unlike the US Water Systems Pulsar Ultraviolet Disinfection System, this UV system offers only one flow rate option. But then, with a rate of 15 GPM, the Springwell UV Water Purification System is at the summit of UV light water purifier systems.

With 15 GPM, this whole house UV water purifier can serve up to 7 bathrooms while maintaining consistent working pressure. In other words, when this filtration device is connected to between 1 and 7 bathrooms, you would not notice a drop in pressure that affects water output.

The relatively high rate might have you bothered about the thoroughness of the purification process. But not to worry, the high UV dosage delivery and transmittance match the speed at which water travels through the system.

While this model itself does not come with the option for a sediment filter, the manufacturer recommends getting one to prolong the product’s lifespan.

Warranty, Pressure Range, Lamp Life, and Power Consumption

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on certain parts of this UV filter. Or to put it more accurately, the manufacturer offers a warranty on certain items throughout their lifespan under normal conditions. On the company’s website, you will find all the conditions that nullify the warranty coverage.

The items covered by the warranty include the FutureSoft media, tanks, valves, bypasses, and houses.

With a pressure range of 10-150 PSI, this UV purifier has the joint-highest pressure capacity of any of the UV purifiers in our review.

Having a maximum PSI of 150, you are unlikely to see leaks if this UV water filter is connected to your water system. Apart from that, the UV chamber is unlikely to get damaged, unless it receives some massive input pressure out of nowhere. But then, such pressures are unlikely in domestic water systems.

The Springwell UV Water Purification System operates between 36 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. So, except the seasons come with extremely low or high temperatures, it would keep disinfecting your water at its best.

With a wattage of around 50 W, there isn’t much to worry about with this brand when it comes to power consumption. But then, know that you can get UV purifiers with lower wattages.

The manufacturer estimates that the UV lamp would last for about a year. Most UV light lamps in the market have an average lifespan of 9000 hours or 1 year. So, the lifespan of this product’s UV light is good enough.

Pros and Cons

  • High UV dose delivery – kills some of the toughest microbes and has an estimated effectiveness of 99.9%.
  • High flow rate – sufficient for up to 7 bathrooms.
  • High-pressure range.
  • Average power consumption.
  • You have to get a sediment filter separately.
  • Without the sediment filter, your warranty may be void.

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4. Pentair Standard UV Disinfection System

When you buy the Pentair Standard UV Disinfection System, expect high filtering capacity, decent flow rate, low power consumption, and a decent pressure range. Beyond having top qualities, this whole house UV filter allows you choose from one of two models.

Effectiveness/UV Dose Delivery and Flow Rate

This product offers a UV dosage of up to 16 mJ/cm² – the recommended minimum for UV purification. If you read our review of the first two previous products, you may already know what to expect. But to put things in perspective, you only need around 6 mJ/cm² to kill E. coli in water. So, if a UV system is giving you a dose of 16 mJ/cm², you are getting almost 3 times the power you need to kill E. coli and other common water contaminants.

Beyond being more than enough for regular microbial contaminants in water, the UV dosage of this UV filter system will make it hard for tough contaminants like Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and cysts to survive. So, all in all, the high UV light dose in the UV chamber for quality drinking water at your end.

The high UV dosage of this UV filter is even made better by its UV intensity monitor. The UV intensity monitor scans the system to detect changes in UV transmittance. So, if the transmittance ever drops below the threshold, you can readily fix the problem and ensure optimal activity.

As said earlier, the Pentair Standard UV Disinfection System offers you two models to choose from. One of these models (PUV-8-P) has a flow rate of approximately 9 GPM while the other (PUV-16-P) is approximately 16 GPM.

The 16 GPM option works for as many as 7 bathrooms. However, the 9 GPM model might only work for 1-3 bathrooms. So, think of this when choosing.

The 16 GPM model has a high rate, no doubt. But with the high UV dosage and the UV intensity monitor in action, you can rest assured that your water will always get enough UV light for proper disinfection.

For even more assurance, this UV purifier got an NSF/ANSI standard 55B certification. A testament of its effectiveness as a water purifier.

Warranty, Pressure Range, Lamp Life, and Power Consumption

The warranty period of this UV filter is pretty fair. The manufacturer offers a warranty coverage of up to 10 years for the UV chamber and up to 3 years for the electrical parts. The UV lamp, sensors, and sleeves get a 1-year coverage. Of course, there are exclusions and terms attached to the warranty. So, you should check the official website for more information.

The maximum pressure of this whole house filtration system falls short of what the Springwell and Pulsar UV systems offer. Nonetheless, being able to withstand up to 125 PSI of water input is no joke.

A 125 PSI gives this UV purifier the ability to withstand rapid water inflow without leaks and without cracks. So, if you want something durable, this fits the bill too.

The Pentair Standard UV Disinfection System comes with an LCD screen that shows you performance metrics at a go. The display shows the remaining lamp life, lamp intensity status, and much more. So, you can readily monitor the system’s performance.

If you are big on low power consumption, then you should strongly consider this UV purifier. The PUV-8-P has a wattage of around 25 W, while the PUV-16-P is rated at 40 W. Both ratings are markedly lower than the ratings of most of the other ultraviolet treatment systems in our review. So, if you get any of the two models, the effect on your energy bill will not be as massive as the others.

Like the US Water Systems Pulsar Ultraviolet Disinfection System, the UV lamp of this UV purification system has an estimated lifespan of 9000 hours. So, in about a year, you might have to replace it.

The capacity of both models of this UV purifier is pretty high. The PUV-8-P has an estimated capacity of 600,000 gallons, while the PUV-16-P has a capacity of 1 million gallons. In either case, the capacity is pretty high. So, you can expect this UV system to keep serving you for many years.

Pros and Cons

  • High flow rate.
  • Multiple models to choose from.
  • Superb capacity.
  • High-pressure range.
  • Decent lamp life.
  • NSF/ANSI certified.
  • You have to buy a sediment pre-filter separately.

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5. Bluonics UltraViolet Light Water Sterilizer

If you are on a budget, the Bluonics Ultraviolet Light UV Filter is one product you should consider. While it might be relatively inexpensive, it boasts above-average features, including a decent flow rate and high-pressure range.

Effectiveness/UV Dose Delivery and Flow Rate

While the manufacturer does not explicitly state the UV dosage delivery of this UV water filter, we can assume it is higher than 16 mJ/cm². Our assumption is based on the rated effectiveness of the product and the type of organisms it works against.

The Bluonics Ultraviolet Light UV Filter is about 99.9% effective against viruses and bacteria. Some of the bacteria it is effective against are E. coli, and Cryptosporidium.

While 6 mJ/cm² might be enough to kill E. coli, you may need a higher UV dosage for Cryptosporidium and Giardia. So, we estimate that the UV dosage of this product would be in the 20’s.

This UV water filter has a decent flow rate of – 12 GPM. Of course, there are products with higher rates on this list and out in the market. But if you have no more than 4-5 bathrooms in your house, this will serve you perfectly.

Compared to the industry average, the flow rate of this whole house UV purifier is moderate. While it might not push water out as fast as products with higher rates, it gives the water extended exposure to UV light. In a way, this might help the effectiveness of the purification process.

Warranty, Pressure Range, Lamp Life, and Power Consumption

Bluonics offers a 1-year warranty coverage for the non-consumable parts of its products. In other words, the company offers coverage for most parts of their UV purifiers, except parts like UV lamp.

This coverage is not as extensive as what other producers offer. However, since this brand is relatively inexpensive, the warranty seems fair.

Thus UV filter has a maximum operating pressure of 125 PSI – the second-highest of any product in this review. With this maximum operating pressure, the likelihood of leakages and spoilage is pretty low. This tells you a little about its durability.

Beyond the high maximum operating pressure, the chamber of this product is made of 304 stainless steel. With this type of stainless steel, corrosion will not be an issue with this UV purifier.

If you wanted something with low wattage, this model is not it. It has a power rating of 55 W – pretty much within the range of most brands.

The lamp life of this product falls within the regular range – 9000 hours. So, if you opt for this brand, you may have to replace the UV lamp after 1 year – just like the others.

If you are bothered about the safety of the UV lamp when it is outside the chamber, this product takes care of that. It comes with a special plug that ensures the lamp stays off when it is not in the chamber.

Installation is a breeze with this brand. The package comes with a manual that offers simple DIY installation instructions. So, if you are up for it, you can piece this together yourself.

With an operating temperature range of 36-104 degrees Fahrenheit, you can be sure this UV water filtration device will serve you across various seasons. Of course, this is true if the weather does not get unusually cold or hot.

Pros and Cons

  • It is pretty effective.
  • Moderate flow rate – should serve up to 5 bathrooms just fine.
  • A good option if you are on a tight budget.
  • The chamber is highly durable.
  • Comes with a safety feature for when the UV bulb is outside the chamber.
  • The warranty coverage could be better.

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6. HQUA Ultraviolet Water Purifier

While the HQUA-OWS-6 boasts a high UV dosage delivery, it falls below the Bluonics UV filter system because of its relatively lower flow rate and capacity. But overall, it is a top product.

Effectiveness/UV Dose Delivery and Flow Rate

The HQUA-OWS-6 has a UV dosage delivery of around 30 mJ/cm². Going by the UV water purifiers we have reviewed so far, you know this is pretty high. Thanks to this high amount of UV, you can be sure that this UV system will inject enough UV rays to destroy as many bacteria and viruses as possible.

Be they sensitive or less-sensitive microbes, you can rest assured that the UV light from this UV purifier is effective up to 99.9% at its best.

As we hinted already, the flow rate of this UV filter is not as high as what we saw in the products we reviewed earlier. But an output of 6 GPM would be perfect for your kitchen sink. A 6-GPM flow would also work for 1-2 bathrooms. So, it might be relatively low but it is not bad in anyway.

One good thing about this relatively low rate is that the water spends longer time in contact with the UV light. This way, the ultraviolet purification process is even more thorough. Basically, the brand sacrifices some of the travel speed of the water to ensure you get thoroughly-cleaned drinking water. A fair trade in some sense.

Warranty, Pressure Range, Lamp Life, and Power Consumption

The manufacturer provides a decent warranty – about the same as some of the best UV water purification systems in the market. When you buy this product, you get a 10-year warranty on the chamber, a 1-year warranty on the electronic ballast, and a 6-month warranty on the lamp and quartz sleeve.

This UV purifier can handle pressures of up to 125 PSI without leaks, cracks, or damages. While this pressure range might not be the highest we’ve seen in this review, it is above the market average.

Besides having a high-pressure range, this UV purification device has a 304 stainless steel chamber. With a 304 stainless steel chamber, corrosion would never really be a problem. So, overall, you could say the HQUA-OWS-6 is pretty durable.

This UV filter has a wattage of 25 W – the joint-lowest power consumption of any product in this article. But then, while the HQUA-OWS-6 has the same power consumption as the Pentair PUV-8-P, its rate of flow falls short. So, when you consider the specs against the power consumption, the PUV-8-P seems more like the more power-efficient option.

The company estimates that the UV lamp should last for up to a year. However, with irregular use, you could use it for up to 2 years.

If water does not flow through the plumbing system for extended periods (up to 4 hours), the water in the chamber of this product will get very hot. At such times, just open your faucet or tap and let the hot water flow out. Of course, ensure you stand at a safe distance while the hot water flows out.

Pros and Cons

  • High UV dosage delivery.
  • Decent warranty coverage.
  • High-pressure chamber made of corrosion-resistant material.
  • A good option if you are on a budget.
  • Water could get hot if the UV water purifier stays idle for some hours.
  • Not the best option for whole house UV water filtration.

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7. Acuva Arrow 5 UV-LED Water Purifier

The Acuva Arrow 5UV-LED Water Purifier might have the lowest flow rate and operating pressure of any of the reviewed water filters. But it is still a decent product overall, and it serves small households just fine.

Effectiveness/UV Dose Delivery and Flow Rate

The 16 mJ/cm² dose of UV this UV filter gives off is nowhere close to the 30 mJ/cm² we saw with many of the other reviewed water filters. But even at that, this product gives more than enough UV rays to give you something of drinking water quality.

Like the others we have reviewed so far, the maker of this brand estimates purification effectiveness of 99.99%. We believe its actual effectiveness would not be far from this.

Besides removing harmful microorganisms from your water, this unit can also purify water by removing harmful chemicals. Thanks to the advanced pre-filter included in it, it removes mercury, chlorine, chromium-6, asbestos, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants from your water.

As we already said, the Acuva Arrow 5UV-LED has the lowest flow rate of all the water filters in our review. With it, you get an inflow of just 1.3 GPM. This may not even be sufficient for 1 bathroom. So, understandably, the company offers you the choice to get a faucet with it. With the faucet attached, you’ll have a portable UV purification system that serves just one outlet.

The low rate of the Acuva Arrow might be beneficial since it allows the water to have longer exposure to UV light.

Warranty, Pressure Range, Lamp Life, and Power Consumption

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty for this product. But then, we considered the cost and concluded that the warranty could be better.

This unit has a maximum operating pressure of 100 PSI – lower than the other UV filtration systems we reviewed. But then, if you consider the fact that it is unlikely to receive water from high-pressure sources, this operating pressure should be okay.

This UV disinfection system has a high-quality aluminum body casing. So, the chances of corrosion are pretty minimal.

With this UV filtration system, you get a filter capacity of around 240,000 gallons. Now, this is not the best you can get in the market. But it is decent enough to get your UV water filter system going for many years.

The power consumption of the Acuva Arrow – 60 W – is the joint-highest in our review. With its flow rate and operating pressure, one would expect a lower wattage. But that is not the case.

Pros and Cons

  • Come with an advanced pre-filter that removes harmful chemicals.
  • Decent capacity.
  • High-quality aluminum build, so it will not corrode readily.
  • You get the option to include a smart faucet in the package.
  • The power consumption is pretty high.
  • The warranty coverage could be better.

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Buyer’s Guide for Choosing UV Water Purifiers

Here is a list of factors to consider before investing in a UV water purifier for your home:

UV Dose

The UV dosage of a UV purification system is basically the amount of energy its UV lamp emits into water while purifying it.

Generally, the higher the amount of energy emitted into the water, the higher the antimicrobial coverage of the UV purifier. In the other words, UV water purifiers work against a broader range of microorganisms when they give off a higher amount of UV energy.

Accordingly, the best UV water purifiers have the highest UV dosage. So, when looking to buy a UV water purifier, aim for the product with the highest UV dosage.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is one essential feature you must not miss while buying a UV water filter. It indicates how fast water flows through the chamber into the inlet in your home.

If your house is big or if your house has many bathrooms, opting for a UV water filter is not the best decision. A low flow rate coupled with a big house or a house with many bathrooms is a recipe for regular interrupting water flow.

Of course, you wouldn’t want a situation where you suddenly stop getting water in the bathroom because someone opened a faucet in the kitchen. So, ensure you get a product whose rate matches the size of your plumbing system.

Here’s a rough guide of what to look out for:

  • If your house has 1-3 bathrooms, a 10 GPM purifier is ideal.
  • For a house with 4-6 bathrooms, look for a 15 GPM purifier.
  • If you have more than 7 bathrooms, 20 GPM or higher would do the work.

Power Consumption (Wattage)

UV light bulbs run on electricity. So, if you are getting a UV purifier, it will have some effect on your energy bills.

How much a UV purifier affects your energy bill depends on its wattage. The higher the wattage, the more power the purifier will consume. As a UV water purifier consumes more power, your energy bills go higher. So, if you can, opt for a product will low wattage.

Most UV water purifiers have wattages between 20 and 60 W. So, they generally do not consume too much power. Still, opt for a unit that is less consequential to your energy bills.

Operating Pressure

The pressure range indicates how much input pressure a UV purifier can handle without leaks and damages. When selecting a UV purifier, the pressure range of the product you opt for will depend on the pressure of the water coming from the source that feeds the purifier.

Generally, for whole house filter systems, a maximum operating pressure of at least 125 PSI should be enough.

Lamp Life

Like regular light bulbs, UV lamps have a lifespan. So, when you are buying a UV water purifier, ensure you get a product whose lamp has a long lifespan.

Many UV water purifiers have a lamp life of 9000 hours (or a year). So, you can aim for something with a similar lifespan or higher.


What UV dosage is ideal for water purification?

Since different microorganisms are sensitive to different doses of UV, there is no ideal UV dosage for water purification. However, generally, a UV water purifier should offer at least 16 mJ/cm². The higher, the better.

Is UV water purifier good?

UV purifiers are good because they do not change the taste of water or give water any odor. Also, they do not waste water, and they require no harsh chemicals. However, their main downside is that the organisms they kill remain in the water.

You should also know, that UV water filters do not deal with iron bacteria problems. If you have a high level of iron bacteria in your well water, you may need to consider installing a whole-house well water filter before you install the UV filter.

Is UV water safe to drink?

UV water is safe to drink. UV rays do not remain in water, and they do not react with water.


Getting purified water from UV purifiers comes with vast upsides. But if you are to experience the best of this purification technology, opt for a product that delivers a high dose of UV, high flow rate, high operating pressure, long lamp life, and low power consumption.