Deciding on the best pool test kit is based on what issues you want to identify and fix in your swimming pool and how often you need to check them.

Here is a list of our favorite pool testing kits for 2022. Scroll down to find the full review of each product:

  1. Best for General UsePoolmaster  5-Way Test Kit
  2. Comes With App & EbookJNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Strips
  3. Most ParametersTaylor K2005 Pool Test Kit
  4. Can Buy RefillsWWD POOL Water Chemical Test Kit
  5. Comes With PhotometerLaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit
  6. Best Test Strips RUNBO Pool Test Strips
  7. Includes Temperature CheckeSeasonGear SALT-3000 Meter
  8. Best for Salt Water Chlorine GeneratorsTaylor Technologies Drop Test
  9. No Price ListedPentair Pool Test Kit

Pool water test kits test a range of issues found in pool water, like pH balance, chlorine levels, and water hardness.

Our decision for the best pool testing kits was based on the type of pool test kit, the water type, test elements, ease of testing, and the price.

Our Best Pool Test Kit Reviews

1. Poolmaster 5-Way Test Kit

The Poolmaster chlorine pool test kit is best for general use all around. It’s a reasonable price, covers 5 different parameters, and is simple to use. Odds are this product will do the job needed for most pools without issue.

Like other drop-based pool test kits, it’s really simple to use and very accurate. Fill each bottle with water, put a few drops of solution, and wait for results.

The Poolmaster Test Kit tests for five separate parameters; chlorine, bromine, pH levels, acid levels, and total alkalinity. These are generally the most common issues pool owners will want to test for.

This is a one-time use kit. For repeated testing, you will want something like the JNW which uses test strips. This pool test kit is best for someone wanting to set up a filter or long-term solution.

This product is one of the cheaper vial-based kits on the list. It is more expensive than test strips, but these kits tend to be more accurate.

  • Best all-around for the average pool.
  • Average pricing.
  • Simple to use.
  • Only good for single-use testing.
  • More expensive than test strips.
  • Doesn’t test as many parameters as the Taylor kit.

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2. JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Strips

The JNW pool test strips provide the best support for those who need to do routine testing. The kit includes an instructional ebook and an app to track tests over time. For long-term maintenance or pool care, this is one of the best.

This kit includes 100 test strips for tracking seven different parameters. It will test for free chlorine, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity, bromine, pH, water hardness, and chlorine. You simply need to dip one of the strips in the water for a few seconds and compare the colors to the color table.

This product goes above the others in that it provides a detailed ebook on how to use the product, what the colors mean, and other support.

There is also an app that will track these levels over time. With the ability to perform 100 tests and an app to track them, you can get an accurate picture of what their pool needs.

It is the most expensive test strip kit in our review. But it’s not much more than the RUNBO. Considering it also offers an ebook and app this is a really good deal.

  • Very affordable compared to other test types.
  • Tests for 7 parameters.
  • Comes with an ebook and app.
  • Can be used 100 times.
  • Test strips tend to be less accurate.
  • Doesn’t test as many things as the Taylor kit.
  • Most expensive test strip kit.

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3. Taylor K2005 Pool Test Kit

Out of all the pool test kits reviewed the Taylor Pool Test Kit tests for the most parameters. It is on the higher end of pricing but isn’t the most expensive. If you need to test for a range of things this is the pool testing kit for you.

This product is a liquid testing kit that uses bottles to test levels. You fill the bottles with pool water, insert solution, and compare them to the color table to see where the levels are.

The Taylor Technologies liquid test kit measures things like; chlorine, bromine, pH, acid demand, base demand, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid.

The risk with other products is that they may miss a particular parameter, like calcium hardness and you may end up buying more than one test to cover everything. This is one of the best pool test kits because it checks for everything via drop test.

However, it is the second most expensive of the pool testing kits we reviewed, only the LaMotte was more expensive. But it may be worth the price for some given that it tests for nine parameters, the most of any product on the list.

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4. WWD POOL Water Chemical Test Kit

This product is unlike many of the other pool testing kits in that you can buy refills for the solution. It also offers different models to test for different parameters. For those looking to save money, test for more things, or have refills for a bottle test, this is a great choice.

This WWD pool water test kit has a base model that tests for two parameters or one that tests for six. The 2-way model tests for chlorine and pH. The 6-way model test will also measure bromine, calcium hardness, acid demand, and total alkalinity.

Whichever one is chosen the testing process is the same. Pool owners must fill up the bottles, drop in some solution, and wait for results in a few seconds.

One advantage this product has over the others is that the company makes it easy to order refills for the solution.

The 2-way is the second cheapest test and the 6-way is also on the low side. The refills for the solution are $5.99 making this the cheapest liquid-based kit of those reviewed.

  • Customers can choose what they want to test for.
  • Any model is cheap compared to most of the others.
  • Can buy refills to use the kit over and over again without buying a new one.
  • Even with cheap refills, it’s still not as affordable as test strips for multiple uses.
  • Many other pool water kits measure at least 7 parameters.

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5. LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit

This pool test kit is unique in that it comes with a photometer and uses tablets to test for cyanuric acid. It is more expensive than most, but it does have some convenience. For those wanting a digital pool test kit, this is the best option.

The LaMotte Pool Test Kit can measure free chlorine, bromine, total chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid. Everything is measured through a photometer which can simplify the process and be used multiple times. The only one that isn’t is the cyanuric acid which uses tablets.

The photometer in this pool testing kit doesn’t come cheap. It is the most expensive product of the pool testing kits reviewed.

  • Comes with a handy photometer for testing.
  • Can be used multiple times.
  • Measures 7 parameters.
  • Is the most expensive option on the list.
  • Cyanuric acid can only be tested once with the tablets.

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6. RUNBO Pool Test Strips

This pool testing kit is the cheapest of all the options. It can be used 100 times and covers 7 parameters. It’s simple, affordable, and covers the basics.

Like other strip-based test kits, Runbo can be used 100 times to test for 7 parameters. It tests for free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, total hardness, total alkalinity, pH, and cyanuric acid. It is very similar to the JNW strips minus the ebook and app.

If you need to perform routine testing of your pool and need to keep costs low this is the product to do it.

  • Strips can be used 100 times.
  • Tests for 7 parameters.
  • The cheapest of all the test kits reviewed.
  • Lacks some convenient features other products have.
  • Less accurate than other pool water testing kits.

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7. eSeasonGear SALT-3000 Meter

This digital test kit is very convenient to use and the only one that checks water temperature. It is relegated to a very niche use but does the job well. If you have a particular need then this product may be the right choice.

This salt water test kit uses a digital meter to check for salt levels and the temperature of your pool water. It does not check for any other parameters like chlorine or bromine. You can only use this pool water testing kit in saltwater pools or koi fish ponds. For a regular pool owner, this is not the right product.

This product is very affordable for a digital reader. Considering it only checks two parameters this is not a great tradeoff. Still, it’s the only one that checks the temperature and is for a specific type of pool water.

  • Affordable compared to other digital pool testers.
  • Tests for salt and temperature
  • Good for saltwater pools and koi fish ponds.
  • Does not test for many of the parameters a more complete test kit would.
  • Not for use in standard pool water.

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8. Taylor Technologies Inc. K-1766 Drop Test

This is the best product on the list for saltwater chlorine generators. It is not suited to do anything else. Still, if this is what you need it for, this is the best test kit for the job.

You must fill the vials with water and put a few drops of solution in. The product will test for salt levels created by saltwater chlorine generators. It does not check for any other parameters like bromine or alkalinity. For those with regular pool water, this is not the best pool testing kit.

This Taylor Technologies pool water kit is just a hair more expensive than the most recommended kit. Considering it’s only suited for one thing this makes it a bad purchase for general use. But if you need it for testing generators it’s the right price.

  • Average pricing for the product.
  • Simple testing process.
  • Best for saltwater chlorine generators.
  • Does not test for most parameters.
  • Very niche use.

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9. Pentair Pool Test Kit

This Pool Test Kit checks for four parameters. It’s simple to use and best for those with less problematic pools. However, you must reach out to the company to find pricing.

This pool test kit is a drop tester with the water being tested in vials with solution added in. It tests for chlorine, pH, acid demand, and total alkalinity.

  • Simple to use drop testing.
  • Pricing has not been made available.
  • Only checks four parameters.

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Strips Vs Digital Vs Drop?

Strips are handy when routine testing is needed. The user simply dips the strip into the pool water and waits for the colors to appear.

Drop testing is a little more accurate than the strips but more expensive to buy. These would also be a good choice if buying a filtration system.

Digital testing sits between the two testing types. They’re more accurate than strips and better for routine testing than drop tests.

Saltwater Pool & Koi Pond Testing?

Saltwater pools are entirely different than freshwater. It’s important to frequently check the salt levels of the pool water to ensure the pool is at ideal levels. This isn’t something the average pool test kit checks for and a separate saltwater pool test kit must be purchased.

Koi ponds behave much in the same way. It’s also important to get a testing kit that doesn’t contain chemicals harmful to the fish.

How Often Should I Test My Pool?

Ideally, you should test your pool water with a proper testing kit every two weeks or so. If the pool water chemistry isn’t regularly balanced it could harm the pool, allow organisms like algae to grow, or cause adverse health effects for swimmers.

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