Avalon is a reputable water dispenser brand, and they have released some top-notch water coolers. This Avalon bottom loading water cooler comes with several attractive features that promise good value for its price. If you are a potential buyer who is on the fence about purchasing this water dispenser, we are sure your decision will be much easier after reading this Avalon water dispenser review.

Our Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

Similar to other Avalon water coolers, this new Avalon water cooler has an innovative stainless steel body, which removes the typical taste of water that comes with plastic. Plastic-tasting water is a common thing among water coolers.

Its attractive and sleek look is an aesthetic mix of stainless steel and black. The water cooler can fit in any home, office, or anywhere else you can think of.

This water dispenser is easy to install. In fact, you will not need any assistance from a professional to install it.

Another feature that stands it out from an average water cooler is its three temperature settings.

Cold and Hot Water Cooler

While many water coolers stick with the popular dual-setting (hot and cold), it includes an extra option, which is the room temperature button. This saves you the stress of mixing hot and cold water to get your preferred water temperature.

It takes a short time (about 15 minutes) for the hot water to reach its optimal temperature. The hot water it dispenses saves you the trip to your gas stove to brew tea or other steaming hot beverage.

The cold water takes considerably longer to reach its optimal temperature. So it’s the perfect solution for accessible drinking water for the benefit of your entire family or your colleagues.

Water Quality and Filtration

This water dispenser comes with a 2-stage filtration system that eliminates harmful germs or contaminants from your water. This bottom loading water cooler features multiple layers of a sediment and carbon block filter.

They are durable for up to 6 months or 1500 gallons of water, which means you will need to use the full capacity of the bottled water up to 300 times before the filters will need to be replaced. That’s literally an uncountable number of large cups and pretty durable if you ask me.

Self-cleaning Ozone Feature

This water dispenser also has a self-cleaning ozone feature for prolonged water purification and dispenser cleaning. This feature is key to the maintenance of this water cooler.

The system also comes with a complete and easy-to-use installation kit with NSF Certification, Energy Star Approval, and UL Listing.


The cooling compressor is highly efficient, and with the optimal temperature it can reach, adding ice cubes to your water won’t be necessary. The hot water faucet also has an optimal temperature that few dispensers can match.

One of the most amazing dispenser features is the night lighting. Its built-in nightlight makes you see the cold and hot water spout clearly when it’s dark. This dispenser can also be attached directly to a water line, and it doesn’t require you to install a drain.


  • It’s regarded as one of the best water coolers on the market. In fact, according to Amazon, it ranks number one among the best-selling water coolers
  • The hot water spout comes with a child safety lock, which shows that the company designed this dispenser with safety precautions in mind
  • The device was designed to be easy to load to avoid or at least reduce spills.
  • Built-in nightlight makes it easy for you to operate the dispenser even when it’s dark
  • Three temperatures, which is an upgrade to the usual two for many dispensers
  • Accredited the Energy star because of its energy-efficiency
  • Features an empty bottle indicator to let you know when a refill is needed
  • 12-month warranty
  • Easy to install – saves you the cost of hiring a technician or professional to setup the dispenser
  • Self-cleaning Ozone feature
  • It contains a 2-stage water filter to improve water quality for the entire family and get rid of harmful germs.
  • Attractive and sleek design that can fit anywhere be it at your home or office
  • Very durable
  • NSF Certification
  • Numerous high ratings and positive reviews from users
  • Relatively affordable and offers very good value for its price


  • Coldwater takes longer to reach optimal temperature
  • There have been complaints of the button being hard to push
  • You may face faulty indicator lights – the empty bottle indicator may flash when the bottle is half empty
  • You may face a faulty pump or hot water coming out with white specks
  • The cost is not affordable for everybody


The list of benefits for the Avalon water dispenser can be stretched for days. There are just a few cons, and most of them are subjective, and not commonly experienced. Nevertheless, for us, it has been a five-star experience.

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