Aquaox boasts water filters with automated features that are easy to install and need minimal maintenance. But the quality they offer extends beyond their products as their customer service is quite reliable and responsive.

About Aquaox

Aquaox is relatively new in the industry. They have been around for a little over 15 years, but in that time, they have done well to address many of the issues families all over the US experience with their house water filtration system.

Aquaox set out to create solutions, which will protect US families from harmful contaminants in drinking water. Impressively, they’ve been able to achieve many of the goals they planned for.

Generally, Aquaox water filters are largely maintenance-free, easy to install, and highly durable. With the said qualities, they have created a name for themselves in their customer’s minds.

Aquaox also offers veteran-friendly initiatives. The company goes beyond just being a business and tries to appreciate service to the nation.

Aquaox tries to extend its excellence beyond its products. So, it is not so shocking that they have one of the most cordial customer services in the industry. Their warranties and money-back guarantees are also rave-worthy.

Top 3 Aquaox Water Filters Review

1. The Original AquaOx Water Filter

The AquaOx Original – also called the AquaOx Whole House Water Filter – offers a thorough 7-stage filtration process. This makes it one of the most effective whole house water filters in the market. Of course, with water running through multiple filtration steps, you can be more confident about the purity of what you get from this Aquaox filtration system.

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Capacity and Flow Rate

Built with a 2-million gallon capacity, this whole house system with a 15 gallon-per-minute output is more than capable of handling the filtration needs of homes with more than 3 bedrooms. In fact, a house filter with a water output of 15 GPM is one of the highest you’d find in the market. So, rest assured you wouldn’t have to sweat over a drop in water pressure.


When it comes to installing this whole house filtration system, things are pretty uncomplicated. This point-of-entry filter requires minimal space, so you will not have to fuss around too much to get it in place.

Filtration Process

The Aquaox Whole House Water Filter runs your water through 7 stages of filtration. These 7 stages culminate in the removal of contaminants like hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, iron, lead, industrial solvents, and many other contaminants.

When you consider its thoroughness in removing hydrogen sulfide and other harmful elements, you become more confident in the water quality.

The comprehensive filtration of this Aquaox filtration system comes from the combined action of the pre-sediment filter, activated coconut shell carbon, catalytic carbon media, KDF, garnet, automatic backwashing head, and filter AG. The extended surface time and the multiple filtration steps give the system a perfect shot at eliminating virtually all the contaminants.


Featuring a Fleck digital head, this water filter backwashes automatically its filtration media every 4 days. By doing this, it routinely restores the media for maximum removal of contaminants.

Thanks to the automatic backwashing of the digital head, this whole house water filtration system requires low maintenance. Unsurprisingly, the product can last up to 20 years – about 2-4 times the lifespan of the average whole house filter.

Other Features

This whole house filter is backed by a 10-year warranty and a 12-month money-back guarantee. However, you will have to pay more than average for it.

Pros and Cons

  • It comes with a self-cleaning system.
  • It uses a 7-stage filtration process for thorough filtration. So, the water quality is pretty impressive.
  • Virtually a maintenance-free system.
  • Since it requires low maintenance, the overall cost of ownership is minimal.
  • Install is easy.
  • Customer service is pleasant.
  • The initial cost is more than you’d pay for the average house filters.
  • You cannot transfer the warranty after 3 years.

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2. Aquaox WS – Salt-based Water Softener

Getting hard water from your water supply will leave your pipes clogged in record time. Unfortunately, as your pipes clog, the flow rate of water going into the entire house will keep dropping. And as the flow rate drops, you will have to wait longer at the taps to get the volume of water you need.

When the flow rate drops, you may have to clear the pipes or increase water pressure to get things close to normal. But instead of going through those difficult processes, the Aquaox WS softens water before it gets into the pipes.

Unlike anti-scaling systems, this water softener actually removes hard minerals to soften your water. With softened water running through your pipes, you wouldn’t have to worry about hard water clogging your pipes, wasting your soap, or discoloring your dishes.

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How It Works

Anti-scaling water systems are typically salt-free. They work by preventing the formation of scales in hard water. However, they do not soften hard water. This means that while anti-scaling systems may prevent scales from clogging your pipe, they will not stop the other adverse effects of hard water in your home.

The Aquaox WS is a salt-based water softener. Unlike anti-scaling water systems, it removes calcium, magnesium, and other hard minerals in your water by passing them through a salt-based filtration system.

So, with this product, you do not just get water that does not form scale in your pipes. You get softened water, which will not affect soap lathering, damage your clothes, or discolor your dishes.


This water softener comes with a brine tank, and both of these are pretty heavy. However, they come ready for installation. So, you do not have to be a professional to get them in place. once you get it to your house’s main waterline, the rest is pretty straightforward.


One feature that sets the Aquaox WS apart from regular water softeners and anti-scaling systems is automation.

With this softener, you get a touchscreen that allows you to automate regeneration time. Apart from that, you can also choose the level of water hardness you want. There is so much precision in the functions of the softener thanks to the screen.

Besides hardness level selection and regeneration time automation, the display screen offers diagnostics and help. Plus, you will find many other useful settings if you dig deep into it.


You wouldn’t have to put too much into maintaining this product.

Since the regeneration is automated, you do not have to worry about that. So, for the most part, all you have to do is refill the brine tank with sodium salt. But then, when a refill is necessary, the system will let you know.

Thankfully, the softener uses about 40% less salt than regular softeners. So, you wouldn’t even need a refill in a long time.

If you ever need extra maintenance, you can reach out to the company for advice.

Other Features

Like the Aquaox whole house filter, you get a 10-year warranty and a 12-month money-back guarantee. However, the initial cost is relatively steep.

Pros and Cons

  • It removes calcium, magnesium, and other hard minerals, softening your water in the process.
  • Comes with a touchscreen display that allows for easy control.
  • Installation is easy
  • Very low-maintenance.
  • Regeneration time is automated.
  • You can choose your preferred hardness level.
  • Ownership cost is low.
  • It will not remove odors such as excessive chlorine smell.
  • Price is relatively higher than the average market price.

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3. Aquaox RO Kitchen Sink (Reverse Osmosis Kitchen Sink)

The mechanical action of regular water filtration systems may not remove certain heavy metals and toxic elements from water. Unfortunately, if said water is drinking water, it is potentially unsafe to whoever drinks it.

While a regular filter system will not remove elements like nitrates, nitrites, chromium-6, arsenic, and fluoride from your tap water, a reverse osmosis system will.

So, if you want the water from your kitchen sink tap to be even safer for drinking, the Aquaox RO Kitchen Sink might help.

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How It Works

The Aquaox RO Kitchen Sink uses a 4-stage reverse osmosis system to deliver high-quality water. The system is pretty much the same as what bottled water manufacturers use. So, you can have a lot of faith in the water quality.

The 4-stage reverse osmosis system removes various contaminants that are at least 0.0001 inch in size. So, you can expect it to filter out the following:

  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Chlorine
  • Total dissolved solids
  • Carcinogens
  • Uranium
  • Fluoride
  • Arsenic
  • Sulfates
  • Radionuclides
  • Heavy metals
  • VOCs

The product can also help remove contaminants that affect taste and odor. So, in the end, you will get odorless, contaminant-free water that actually tastes great.

The upside to having water of such quality is that you will not have to spend on bottled water again.


Installing this water filtration system is not so easy. But with a few common tools and a little patience, you can get it done in about an hour.

The product comes with its own faucet, which you can install in various ways. The advantage of having this separate faucet is that the RO system does not get in the way of your regular cold water and hot water.


The Aquaox RO will require replacement filters from time to time. Thankfully, getting replacement filters for it is not so difficult.

Other Features

This product comes with a 10-year warranty and a 12-month money-back guarantee like the others. However, the price is above the market average.

Apart from that, this reverse osmosis system does not have a remineralization filter. So, it completely removes beneficial minerals (like calcium and magnesium) from water.


  • Reduces water contaminants greatly, making your drinking water even safer.
  • Installation is relatively easy, and the company provides a guide.
  • It comes with a separate faucet, so it does not interrupt the flow of your regular hot and cold water.
  • Not only removes contaminants from water, but it also improves odor and taste.


  • Water pressure drops a bit with this system.
  • It has no remineralization filter media.

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What Makes Aquaox Different?

This brand stands out because:

  • The products are made in the US, and the company is veteran-owned.
  • Its filter has one of the highest flow rate in the market (15 gallons per minute).
  • The water softener actually removes hard minerals rather than just preventing scale formation.
  • The reverse osmosis system produces high-quality water – about the same quality as table water.
  • The customer service is responsive and dependable.
  • The filtration capacity (2 million gallons) is impressive.
  • The lifespan of their products (about 20 years) is longer than the market average.

What to Consider Before Buying an Aquaox Product

Water Source and the Type of Contaminants in Your Water

The type of contaminants in municipal water may differ from those in well water. Therefore, the suitable water treatment for each water source may differ. So, before buying an Aquaox system for water treatment, consider your water source and the type of contaminants it contains.

For instance, if your water has a bad odor and an unpleasant taste, the RO system may be more useful for you than the house water filter.

Installation Space

While you will most probably have enough room to install their products, you should still double-check before buying one.


This brand has some of the most expensive products on the market. So, before buying their products, you should ask yourself if the price is worth it compared to alternatives.

Close Competitor Alternatives to Aquaox

We pit the Aquaox Filter System against the Springwell Whole House Filter System, and the following are our findings.

Capacity: Aquaox’s 2-million gallon capacity trumps Springwell’s 1 million gallons.

Price: Aquaox is more expensive than Springwell.

Flow Rate: Aquaox has a higher flow rate.

Warranty: Springwell offers a longer warranty period.

Money-back Guarantee: Aquaox’s money-back guarantee period is longer than Springwell’s.

Ease of Installation: The ease of installing both brands is pretty similar. Besides, Aquaox products come with an online installation guide.

Shipping: Both brands offer free shipping.

All in all, Aquaox has a better capacity and flow rate. Its money-back guarantee is also longer, and its 7-stage filtration process is unmatched.

Final Take

Aquaox is certainly a brand you should consider when seeking domestic water treatment. Their prices might be above-market-average, but the quality they offer somewhat justifies the pricing.

With Aquaox, expect thorough water treatment processes, unmatched flow rate, top-notch capacity, reliable customer service, and a fair money-back guarantee policy. If you can afford their products, you should go all in.

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